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Projection mapping the future with GeoBox

I hope you are all keeping well during this difficult period for us all. Although we’re all effectively on pause at the current time, it will be “business as usual” soon enough, and there’s no doubt that the projection mapping industry will continue to go from strength to strength.

Previously seen as something of a niche solution, mainly favoured by guerrilla marketeers (it’s still the go-to approach for many public relations outfits looking to make some relatively easy noise for clients), projection mapping has gone mainstream over the past couple of years and is now being adopted across multiple sectors.

“Projection mapping is no longer regarded just as a guerrilla-marketing tactic for making a big PR splash on a well-known landmark – although this is still popular,” explained VNS CEO Steve Wang in a recent article for AV Magazine. (click here to read Steve’s complete article.)

“GeoBox edge-blending products have all of their functions embedded. A new concept to the professional AV market, the solutions allow installers to crop images, set overlap pixels, edge-blend and geometrically adjust images without the need for high-cost embedded projectors or media servers – and can be used with any projector, reducing costs.”

GeoBox one-box solutions allow mapping professionals to utilise less expensive projectors for their projects – projectors that are not tooled with the necessary integrated software solutions – again reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Above photo shows how GeoBox solution is utilized to impress visitors in the show room of an alcohol retailer. (Photo credit to VNS).

A growth in demand for fixed installation mapping installations has meant that integrators are looking for less expensive, flexible solutions that allow them to make in-situ changes to content, using multiple projectors and a variety of technologies.

The broad range of GeoBox one-box, software-free solutions offer a unique, cost-effective answer to today’s varied projection mapping questions. All GeoBox solutions are 100% hardware and will control digital content from any input in any format, with no need for a separate PC. Unlimited projectors can be controlled by multiple, cascading GeoBoxes.

The latest edge-blending range, the GeoBox M800 solutions are available in two versions, the M800 and M800EX. They are the world’s first hardware projection mapping solutions, and are perfect for applications when various source contents need to be switched from one to the other. They allow installers to implement digital mapping and to edge-blend without the need for high-cost embedded projectors or media servers.

GeoBox edge-blending products have all of their functions embedded. Installers can crop images, set overlap pixels, edge-blend and geometrically adjust images. Multiple daisy-chained GeoBoxes can create truly immersive experiences.

In addition, the newly launched G901 processor works in concert with the M800 edge blender, and is ideal for use as a front-end processor providing extra functionalities to edge blending projection, such as PIP and POP on the entire image.




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Projection mapping the future with GeoBox
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