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Why do it by yourself when we can join forces?

Epatra can guide you from the moment the lead comes in.

There’s a reason we refer to ourselves as a service author. Delivering a product is not that difficult and we have a handy order portal for that. But when it comes to projects, you could use some expert support. For example, when drawing up the quotation. Or maybe you’d prefer to have the installation done by Epatra. With our project support we can guide you from A to Z or take work off out of your hands.

Real-time and transparent

Our project support is even possible if you do not purchase the products through us. The whole process can be followed in real-time in our portal. In this way we secure the process and make it transparent, so that you always know what the current status is.

Your customer remains your customer

Our project team, consisting of project supervisors, technical consultants, planners and installers, is ready to take up your proposal for the customer and successfully conclude it. Epatra will always act objectively and only on your behalf as a reseller. Your client remains your client.

Visiting together

Visiting your customer together

Are you looking for a technical discussion partner? Epatra would like to join in on your customer’s conversation. Our project supervisors possess extensive experience in conducting these types of discussions and also have the knowledge to provide the customer with all the information.

Or would you like to give a demonstration? Invite your customer to an inspiration session in our showroom so he or she can view and experience the products first-hand. Afterwards, we will have the conversation while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or a delicious lunch.

Drawing up an offer

An honest and transparent offer

Do you find it difficult to draw up a complete quotation? Epatra helps you to formulate a transparent quotation. Supplemented with product specifications and drawings, we offer your customer a complete and attractive quotation with an optimal chance of closing the deal.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery to any address

Would you like to have your order delivered directly to your customer (on demand)? At Epatra, drop shipment is possible, which saves you money, time and work. You don’t even have to look at it anymore. In addition, your order is insured during delivery and is shipped discretely so that it arrives safely. We ensure that the products are delivered on the agreed day and at any agreed time.

Professional installation

By our certified installers

Don’t have the opportunity or time to do the installation yourself? Epatra takes care of the entire installation and has it carried out by our own professional and certified installers. An on-site work planner will be present for extra support. In this way, any obstacles are solved immediately.

All installations are connected to the existing infrastructure and delivered ready-to-use, with our installer giving the customer a brief instruction. And of course we leave the room clean and tidy again, taking any waste with us.

User training

For optimal use

Proper user training for the customer not only increases user satisfaction, but also prevents complaints, malfunctions and misuse. This results in lower costs and a better user experience. Our project team has the knowledge and skills to deliver these trainings. This is how we ensure that the customer gets the most out of the solutions he or she has purchased.


Billing support

Correct invoicing should not be underestimated, especially for larger projects. There is a whole process between quotation and invoicing that can influence the project. Existing parts will be adjusted or extra products and/or services will be purchased. Epatra helps you draw up a clear and specified invoice.

Service contract (SLA)

Service with us is more than just a guarantee

Epatra’s SLAs are divided into a Care Packages for solutions and a Maintenance Package for maintenance. It can be delivered separately or in combination with other services entirely according to the customer’s wishes. A Care Package guarantees that your customer will have access to working equipment quickly or even very quickly. A Maintenance Package reduces the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of the equipment.

Read more about our Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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