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Jan Willem Kramer
IT Distribution
Ricoh Netherlands

What made Ricoh decide to choose Epatra?

The collaboration between Ricoh and Epatra fits seamlessly into Ricoh’s strategy to, as well as supply products and services in the area of printing and document management, establish its position as a wide-ranging IT-service provider. Some time ago Ricoh’s portfolio was extended to include audio-visual and meeting applications, which includes projectors, interactive whiteboards and Unified Communication Systems solutions, to provide a broader base for the furnishing and supporting of workplaces. Epatra is a distribution partner for this field of applications for the Dutch market.

How are you experiencing the collaboration with Epatra?

We are proud of our work together and are looking forward to intensifying our collaboration, to enable us to expand our market position in the Netherlands in the next few years.

What added value does Epatra provide?

In Epatra we see a partner who is completely at home in this field. Currently, we are working together to set up a number of communal concepts, that are not yet available on the market and which will provide a number of great opportunities for us both.

Epatra B.V.
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2952 BB Alblasserdam
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
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Epatra B.V.
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8271 RH IJsselmuiden
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra BVBA
Singel 5
2550 Kontich
Tel: +32(0)3 – 808 08 35
E-mail: info@epatra.be
Website: www.epatra.be

Optimusvagen 12C
194 34 Upplands Vasby (Stockholm)
Tel: +46(0)40 – 616 08 82
E-mail: info@aceav.se
Website: www.aceav.se

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