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Arnaud Gielen
International Sales Director
Conen Mounts

What made Conen decide to choose Epatra?

Epatra has been a loyal, flexible and solid distributor for Conen for 8 years, is able to adapt quickly and react to the market, and is opportunity-thinking. Epatra stands for the partners it represents and makes well considered and clear choices in that regard. The company communicates this in an open and correct manner. For this reason, at the end of 2013 we confidently made the decision to further intensify our collaboration.

How are you experiencing the collaboration with Epatra?

Epatra is an active and dedicated group. The team of employees is agile, customer-focused and there is a lot of contact. Requests and opportunities are responded to immediately. They think in solutions rather than in problems and in opportunities instead of in threats. Conen is pleased to be working with the whole Epatra team.

What added value does Epatra provide?

As a German manufacturer, we have not (enough) insights on the Dutch market. Epatra is our link here, both in sales field as in marketing activities. We manufacture high-quality products, vend those for affordable prices and have a wide range of height adjustable and/or mobile stands for interactive solutions. Epatra’s employees know how Conen and its products can respond to the many market opportunities, because of joint mediation.

Epatra B.V.
Ohmweg 63
2952 BB Alblasserdam
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra B.V.
Spoorstraat 56F
8271 RH IJsselmuiden
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra BVBA
Singel 5
2550 Kontich
Tel: +32(0)3 – 808 08 35
E-mail: info@epatra.be
Website: www.epatra.be

Optimusvagen 12C
194 34 Upplands Vasby (Stockholm)
Tel: +46(0)40 – 616 08 82
E-mail: info@aceav.se
Website: www.aceav.se

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