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Xtorm Business

Dennis ten Boden
Manager Xtorm Business

What made Xtorm decide to choose Epatra?

Xtorm Business is a supplier of charging solutions for mobile devices that can be installed within companies. Mobile devices contribute to productivity and creativity, but must always be sufficiently charged for that to happen. Our innovative products make this possible, but they do demand focus and dedication, and that is particularly what Epatra brings to the table. Epatra creates for us an extension to a large number of customers, and we can also confidently serve new customers via Epatra.

How are you experiencing the collaboration with Epatra?

Epatra’s enthusiasm and flexibility are catching. The enthusiastic team provides us feedback that allows us to optimise and extend our products and services. They have the experience and the knowledge to analize and adjust the application and the usability of Xtorm Business.

What added value does Epatra provide?

Epatra chooses quality before quantity when it comes to the customer experience. They do this by focusing on the connection between customer and supplier through excellent service, flexibility, great stock positions and transparent communication. The biggest added value that Epatra provides is the focus on Xtorm Business!

Epatra B.V.
Ohmweg 63
2952 BB Alblasserdam
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra B.V.
Spoorstraat 56F
8271 RH IJsselmuiden
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra BVBA
Singel 5
2550 Kontich
Tel: +32(0)3 – 808 08 35
E-mail: info@epatra.be
Website: www.epatra.be

Optimusvagen 12C
194 34 Upplands Vasby (Stockholm)
Tel: +46(0)40 – 616 08 82
E-mail: info@aceav.se
Website: www.aceav.se

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