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Why do it yourself when we are very good at it

Epatra calls itself a servicetributor for a reason. Supplying a product is not that difficult by itself, but removing all worries from your resellers is a different story. The services listed below mean that we (can) take all this work from you. You only have to send an invoice to your customer. If you prefer to keep control of the pre-sale process, that is of course also fine. We distinguish ourselves anyway through keen prices and quick delivery times.

Visits to your (prospective) customer

Epatra employs Key Account Managers who can join you during your visit to your prospective or current customer. And if you don’t have the time, they can go alone, on behalf of your company.

Our Key Account Managers are familiar with the newest product developments, know the market and can hold an in-depth commercial conversation with the end user.

Epatra helps you to develop more business

Compiling your quote

If you lack the time or the expertise to compile a quote for your customer, our Key Account Manager will be happy to do that for you.

The correct products and services, prices that are in line with the market, and a complete final picture ensure that you have the best chance to score.

Epatra helps you to score orders

Delivering your order

Epatra can deliver the products directly to your customer. This will save you time, work and money and means you don’t have to get involved any further. We will ensure that the products are delivered on the agreed date, and when necessary at the agreed time.

Epatra helps you to deliver your orders efficiently

Installation of your order

Epatra employs professional installation technicians who can install the audiovisual equipment that has been sold professionally at your customer’s location. This will save you having to employ and train your own mechanics. And you know the job will be done right because our people do this all day every day.

Epatra helps you to deliver craftsmanship

Service towards your customer

Getting a customer is one thing, keeping that customer is another. The way to achieve this is usually to provide good service. It is always possible that a fault or a defect occurs, but the way you deal with that is the key to success. Epatra has a number of Service Level Agreements that can take away the cares for you and your customer. Repairs, maintenance and replacement equipment will allow your customers to present without worrying.

Epatra helps you to achieve an optimal customer relationship

Invoicing your customer

The only thing you have to do by yourself is to invoice the customer. Epatra never invoices the end user directly. Your customer is your customer and you are our customer. We don’t make any concession to that, which is a reassuring thing, isn’t it?

Epatra helps you to achieve a healthy win-win situation

Epatra B.V.
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2952 BB Alblasserdam
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra B.V.
Spoorstraat 56F
8271 RH IJsselmuiden
Tel: +31(0)78 – 68 11 420
E-mail: info@epatra.eu
Website: www.epatra.eu

Epatra BVBA
Singel 5
2550 Kontich
Tel: +32(0)3 – 808 08 35
E-mail: info@epatra.be
Website: www.epatra.be

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194 34 Upplands Vasby (Stockholm)
Tel: +46(0)40 – 616 08 82
E-mail: info@aceav.se
Website: www.aceav.se

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