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Unified Communications

When a company grows, communications become its biggest challenge

It is a much-used term: Unified Communications. It means as much as united communications. Where different methods of communication used to be islands, this concept turns them into one large communications entity. Thanks to Unified Communications, lines of communication become shorter. Lines within the company, but also between customers or suppliers. Between colleagues, but also between departments.

It becomes easier to contact one another because there is an ideal communication method for different times, locations and messages. Documents can be shared more easily and news can be broadcast more efficiently. Because of this, information can be exchanged more quickly and the level of communication will become higher, which results in more efficiency and fewer mistakes.

Epatra is a distributor for the quality brands Tely, Sony and Ricoh.

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Unified Communications: applications and characteristics

 Internal and external collaboration

Video connections with the whole world

Bring Your Own Device

Interactive whiteboard

InFocus Mondopad

Sony Videoconferencing

Ricoh Unified Communications P3500

telyHD Pro Videoconferencing

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