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Projection: applications and characteristics

Just some of the possibilities


From SVGA to 4K LED laser, from ultra-short to long throw, projectors continue to offer much added value to the projector sections. For every application, it is possible to find the perfect projector.

Projection screens

Projection screens have evolved along with the technical developments of projectors. New possibilities such as Full Vision (screen without border) and HD Progressive (special material for 4K and Ultra HD) ensure that projection screens still fulfil a demand.

Suspension systems

A decent suspension system is essential for the secure mounting and optimal pleasant use of Av and IT equipment. There are a number of fixing and mounting options for TVs, monitors, projectors, tablets and speakers.

Mobile systems

In a number of cases, suspension is not an option, and thus mobility is required. This situation can be addressed in a number of ways with a range of options. The mobile systems are robust and dependable and can be provided with various options.


Cabling is still an essential part of the solution in many audio-visual installations. High-quality cables ensure optimal picture and sound quality, in particular when it concerns long distances. In addition, cabling is less prone to interruptions when compared with wireless transmission.

Interfacing & switching

Interfaces are used for instance to integrates digital signals into existing analogue environments. In addition, they are also used to convert different types of computer signals into a certain output. Switchers make it possible to connect various input and output sources and enable operation. There are many different solutions and tailored advice is needed in the majority of cases.


Audio is an indispensable component of just about any audio-visual installation. A large range of solutions is on offer and to achieve a situation with professional sound that works efficiently it is nearly always necessary to get advice from an expert.

Control systems

Simple operation and monitoring of equipment is a must in every space, in particular where it concerns audio-visual components. From simple 8 button control panels to advanced, but still easy to operate, touch screen solutions, just about everything is possible. For the more luxurious solutions, it is advisable to get expert advice to arrive at the optimal choice.

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