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LED Lighting: applications and characteristics

Just some of the possibilities


LED lighting

As one of the best-known electronics manufacturers, LG can supply LED lighting and the operation thereof. LED lighting can be joined seamlessly to other equipment such as heating, air conditioning and management systems. This allows you to get a clearer overview of energy use and savings.

LED drivers & dimmers

A stable and dependable LED driver and/or dimmer are essential in nearly every project. Many LED drivers/dimmers are of inferior quality, with the LED lamp lasting longer than the driver/dimmer. This results in unnecessary extra costs, that could have been saved through the choice of a good quality LED driver/dimmer.


The pads have been designed in a modular way which means they can be tailored to every project. By combining colours, finishes and number of buttons every wish can be fulfilled. Because every button is able to be programmed independently, the possibilities are nearly limitless.


Operating a lighting management system easily and systematically is important. This can be best achieved by means of a touch screen. There are many choices of type and size and the layout of the touch screen can be tailor-made to your own requirements.

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