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Display: applications and characteristics

Just some of the possibilities

The world’s thinnest bezels

Ideal for linking several displays to make a video wall. The total thickness of the edge between the two projections can be brought down to as little as 3.8mm. The total surface of a video wall can be built up to as many as 15 x 15 displays.

Screen sizes up to 266 cm diagonally

A complete line-up ranging from 81 cm (32”) up to as much as 266 cm (105”) measured diagonally. There is a suitable display for every application. For instance, be impressed by the extra-large display of 266 cm by LG.

Various aspect ratios

Displays are available in all common aspect ratios. From square (1:1) and video (4:3) to widescreen (16:9/16:10) and ultra-widescreen (21:9). Widescreen is currently the most used aspect ratio for displays. Ultra-widescreen is rising in popularity.

Razor sharp contrasts

With the arrival of the new OLED technology, contrast possibilities have become endless. For black image displays, the pixels of an OLED TV are switched off. This way, An OLED TV can reproduce perfect black alongside clear white and sparkling colour. This makes for a fantastic contrast range. But even LED TVs are getting better and have increased contrast images and values.

Ultra-high resolutions

The arrival of full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) brought with it a gigantic improvement in definition. The new generation displays have resolutions up to 4k ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 8k ultra HD (7640 x 4320 pixels). The picture definition at these resolutions is unsurpassed.

OLED technology

OLED, an innovation by LG, is most probably the successor to LED technology. OLED pixels light up by themselves, which means that they switch on and off independently from one another. Because no use is made of background lighting, an OLED TV is very slim, even thinner than a smartphone. Because of this, an OLED TV weighs a lot less than a LED TV. OLED has a perfect viewing angle, picture quality, colour experience and contrast ratio.

Dual display

Double the screen surface, double concentration, double the possibilities. The dual side displays provide content in magnificent picture quality, even in an environment with a lot of ambient light. The double-sided displays are particularly suited to digital signage applications and offer a beautiful and high-quality alternative to traditional light box advertising.

Mirror display

A mirror display provides special application possibilities thanks to an built-in mirror. A mirror display ensures special promotional effects and maximum information transfer to the customer. These displays are particularly suitable for instance in changing rooms, in lifts and in public toilets.

Outdoor display

Extra high brightness displays offer clear and vivid pictures for outdoor presentations. The application options are endless. In shopping streets, at bus stops and at stations, for instance, these displays offer unique added value in comparison with the traditional paper method of communication.

Transparant display

High transparency displays are see-through and have dual functions. The can for instance show products that are standing behind the screen and at the same time play a video or advert relating to this on the screen. In this way, the attention value of both the product and the communication about it are maximised.

Touch display

Touch displays can be operated by finger or pen. In this way, direct interaction is created between for instance presenter and audience or teacher and students. make the screen into a multi-functional tool and create interaction with every target group.

Streched display

Enlarge business opportunities with a stretched display. Present information, adverts and brand awareness in a new way and in a new format. Ideal for public transport and at stations among others.

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